John Cominsky Jersey  Careers – Lyfe Marketing


We do not look for people who can do a bit of everything; we believe in specialization and we believe that everyone has some kind of strength and we look to untap just that. We have very well-defined work processes and we look for people who can fit nicely into those processes.

Education is important and for almost all positions; and especially for technical positions, we prefer at least 4 years of bachelor degree in a RELEVANT program.

If you are interested in a career with Lyfe Marketing in any of the areas mentioned below then email your resume to If you meet our requirements you will be called for an interview. Please note that you can expect to hear from us anytime from a day to 8 weeks from the day you email us your resume.

Facts sheet:

Monday – Friday
Working Hours 9 AM – 6 PM. We proudly claim
minimal exceptions to this rule.
Public Holidays Time to enjoy!
Mayhem days Time to compensate! It is
hard to rationalize strikes, violence, devastation to overseas clients. We provide
uninterrupted service consistently through out the year. It is the responsibility of
the employee to compensate appropriately for this time or face penalty as per terms
of the agreement.
Personal Holidays 15 working days of personal
holidays per year. These can be availed together at once or sparsely through the
year. Any holidays for personal reasons going beyond this quota are penalized as per
the terms of the agreement.
Increments Increments are offered based
on position, title, experience and performance. You can expect to excel if you keep
working hard with sincerity and dedication. Give us what we want and we will give
you what you want. We strive to offer careers!
Punctuality We expect nothing else. If
you are not punctual, you might as well take your time in sorting out your habits
before applying. The assessment begins in interview process so do not be late!