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School Fees Management Software

School Fee Management Software

Empower Teams With Effective Project Communications Management

A school fee management system that helps you to go paperless by reducing 90% of your manual work which saves your administrative staff with a lot of valuable time.


Our fee management software helps you to speed up your fee slips printing and fee collection process while keeping all records for outstanding balance report. Everything is done in a few clicks even for thousands of students.

Doesn’t miss any student
Reduce manual labor
100% Recovery of absence and late fee fines


Our quality software is customizable to meet your unique needs. Fee Heads & Fee Groups are defined by the user and you even have the ability to define your own fee terms and set value terms.

Fast and reliable
Free updates
A lot of analytical reports


Send fee reminders, attendance status, promotional messages and many other reports with just a few clicks.

Safe and secure
Real time updates
24/7 Monitoring by executives